Indian School Of Startups

Livelihood Businesses

Agriculture Farming:

Develop mts & grow high valued crops giving 2-3 times more per acre return.

Dairy Farming:

Greater milk production % higher returns/cattle through modern techniques & higher value addition.

Poultry Farming:

Greater egg production through modern tecniques

Food Processing:

Milk & dairy; cereals & baked products; fruit juices; spice & flavour; dehydrated products etc.

Courier Services:

Last mile distribution – urban semi urban & rural

Maintenence Service-

Airconditioning & refrigeration; Digital & electrical equipment etc.

Carpentry –

Manufacture DIY/ Pre-fabricated/ Assemble Yourself furniture.

Warehousing & Distribution:

Warehouse grains& consumer goods. Stock goods for distribution.

Education –

Build academies/institutes in specific areas of learning including language skills.

Nursing Care :

24*7 care & special care homes for elderly & sick

Pathology Tests –

Cheaper & faster tests to services masses in villages & towns.

Media Advertising –

Social, radio, television, bill boards & print media.

Professional Blogging

Monetisation of communication skills while @ homes, Goodfor women.


e-publishing (e-books), online pubishing, print publishing etc.


Online retail, stocking & wholesaling & manufacturing of generic drugs


Domestic & international tourism; local and interstate travel

Trucking & Trawlers

Local & interstate carriage of goods

Automobiles :

Repairs & servicing; Stocking of auto parts.

Digital Marketing:

Education & social media marketing

IT & Online Services:

Online retail & Mobile App development


Rural pottery with an urban touch. Use of mechanization will help to mass produce.

Plastic Recycling:

Market growing by leaps and ounds. Recycled plastic granules a low-cost alternative.


Good knowledge of supply & demand, a key to success. Perceptible value addition can earn premium

Wine Making:

Catching up in Punjab. Previous knowledge helpful for achieving quicker penetration


Fast becoming an alternative to traditional sugar for sweet preparation

Silver/Semi Gold Jewellery

Replacing traditional 22 carat gold jewellery. Succes lies in innovative designing.


Big business if mechanization used in it. Good for those with artistic skills.

Call Centre:

Domestically growing.10+2 but untrained manpower easily available.

Clothes Line:

Huge market and a good business if positioned it right with the right wear for the women customers

Food on Wheels:

Offers huge potential, yet to take off. An entrepreneur caneploy several of those in a city.


An attractive business, requires specific business knowledge and hign-quality consciousnes.

Alternative Irrigation:

With water becoming a scarce commodity, alternative methods of irrigation are catching up

Fish Farming:

Becoming a big business in Punjab with the availability of modern techniques.

Coffee Shops:

Small Coffee Shop as hang out places fast becoming popular.

Rural Toilets:

Driven by Govt. focus and initiatives and the technology availability – big market developing.

Green House:

Catching up especially in alternative farming. Best suited for small land owners

Shoe Line:

Big business if astutely focused and positioned. Larger market among women.

Green Energy:

Catching up fast as an alternative means. Govt. Incentives available. Good business.

Paper Recycling:

Offers tremendous market. The potential is unlimited.


The business will grow with the growth of the economic wealth. (Aluminum, iron etc.)